Piping Engineering Master



Main features

  • Each module will last for two weeks.
  • The students will work in teams of three people.
  • The assignment will always be based on real-life inputs and will require to produce real-life outputs. That is, the students will have to review diagrams, plans, specifications. And the students will have to produce calculations, drawings, simulations, etc. Just as they would be required in a company.


  1. The team reviews the assignment description and the study notes.
  2. The team produces a preliminary design.
  3. The instructor meets the teams via web conference and discusses the pros/cons of each design.
  4. The team goes on working on its design and submits it by the end of the second week.

Get a university degree

Enroll this program to back your knowledge with a postgraduate degree.

Learn from the experts

The engineers and designers that started 20 to 40 years ago will now be close to retirement or are already retired. These professionals have learned the business hands-on. Their experience has led to various design and engineering standards within companies.

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